ICW  Event Center 

We're conveniently located with easy access from downtown Salt Lake City. 

Off of Bangerter & Interstate 201 (NorthWest Quadrant)

1775 S 4130 W Suite G

Salt Lake City Utah 84104 

Phone 801-364-8259

Free Parking  ICW Event Center

RSVP &  Tickets 

Tickets are available for purchase at the door for most events, however some events are RSVP only.

We have free parking  ICW Event Center


ICW  Event Center 

          Free  Hearth Celebration                                              RSVP  801-364 8259      Free Parking

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Location &  Hours 

ICW  Event Center 

ICW  Event Center 

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Upcoming Events

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This venue facilitates the best Live Music with great sound and lights.  There is plenty of free parking and no noise ordinances to put a damper on celebrations.  ICW Event Center

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